About Us

"Genuine & Passionate Care for our Community"

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization providing a hot meal delivery service available up to 3 times each week in Kelowna, Rutland and the Westside. This service is available to shut-ins due to physical or mental disabilities and Seniors. The meals include soup, dessert and a hot entre delivered over lunch hour by Volunteers.

Delivery of our meals, which are economically priced, nourishing, good tasting and nutritionally balanced, provides a service that enhances the quality of life of the disadvantaged and distressed by promoting health physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Physical health through properly balanced meals; and mental and emotional health through the "regular checking up on" shut-ins whose contact with the outside world may be very limited.

"Building a better community by supporting independence and quality of life through the promotion of health & well being."

It provides a pleasing variety of safe nutritious meals, regular contact between isolated individuals and members of the community, promotes individual independence and well-being and provides families with peace of mind.

Cheerful and generous volunteers deliver nutritious meals six days a week all year long.

Meals on Wheels is a Family Affair... bringing shut-ins and community together. Meals on Wheels is more than good nutrition: it creates and promotes a beautiful form of community as caring volunteers cook nutritious and tasty food, cheerfully deliver meals through any and all weather and encourage our seniors and shut-ins by brightening their day.

Our Delivery Routes

Delivered over the lunch hour by our kind and generous volunteers.
    West Kelowna, Peachland & Rutland
48 hour notice preferred to subscribe formeal service.
To provide affordable, nutritious, well balanced and flavorful meals to Seniors and homebound individuals.
To reduce individual isolation and enhance their quality of life through positive social interaction.
Families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is the recipient of healthy meals on a regular basis.

We Always Try to Make a Difference



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