A million thanks

Dear Meals on Wheels,

A Happy New Year to all of you!

A million thanks for the lovely Christmas gift.

And thank you so much for all of the lovely delicious food.



Happy Hugs

Man you must be pooped out. It must be very very hard packing all those meals.

Pack this and pack that... wooy.

You must be sweating all of the day. If I had that job I would sweat too but you want to help everyone who ordered Meals on Wheels right.

i want to help everyone who ordered it too.

Happy Hugs.

Love E.

Very nutritious and on time

To whome it may concern.

We would recommend Meals on Wheels to anyone at any time.

The meals were VERY nutritious and on time.

Thank you.

Mr. & Mrs T.B.

We appreciate you very much

Dear Marion & Christie,

We are moving to Salmon Arm. The decision was sudden so to the settling of our affairs in Kelowna. It truly has been our pleasure to help out with Meals on Wheels, The clients are such fine folk.

Also, you two have been most supportive and kind and we appreciate you very much. We enjoyed the luncheons as well - unexpected but such a delight.

It is a pleasure to have known you and worked with you.

Thanks to Agatha for her cookies.


D & G C.

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Our Delivery Routes

Delivered over the lunch hour by our kind and generous volunteers.
    West Kelowna, Peachland & Rutland
48 hour notice preferred to subscribe formeal service.
To provide affordable, nutritious, well balanced and flavorful meals to Seniors and homebound individuals.
To reduce individual isolation and enhance their quality of life through positive social interaction.
Families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is the recipient of healthy meals on a regular basis.

We Always Try to Make a Difference



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